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"Rosa M. Dahl provides a blueprint for a good brand concept with her label SF1OG. In fact, the designer got the idea to start her own label in 2019 from a lack of options when compared to her aspirations. During her fashion design studies, she always missed a place where she could design clothes on her own terms. In Dahl’s case: contemporary, unisex and indisputably recycled or recyclable. With the words “To invest in craft is to invest in tangible creation” she invited her guests to the Feuerle Collection, an extraordinary private art collection located in a former communications bunker in Berlin.

There she presented a collection called “Untitled,” which studied not only bodies but also the physical nature of different materials. Wool, leather and linen are her favorites to work with, as they can be warming, cooling and especially long lasting at the same time. “The linen we used is over a 100 years old and was handed down from my grandmother,” said Dahl. “This gives it the emotional touch that inspires me when creating with it. The materials we use get multiple layers of quality, not only physical, but also emotional.”" - Vogue Runway

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