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With SF1OG's genderless, extraordinary and partly experimental design, the Berlin fashion label exists in the spirit of time and is especially based on inspirations from the past. The design studio was founded in 2019 by Rosa Marga Dahl during her fashion design studies, as she always missed a place where she could design clothes on her own terms.

The relentless pursuit of her own vision intrigued her business partner Jacob Langemeyer from the start, leading to a long-lasting working relationship. While Rosa carries out the design process, Jacob takes care of the management side. 


Design-wise, the focus is on tailoring, materials and craftsmanship. All garments function on various levels - aesthetically, culturally, partly politically, but above all sustainably. Sustainability and innovation are the principle and focus on each of the designs – pushing for continuous optimization. Pursuing the goal of a viable future remains a top priority throughout the design process. SF1OG wants to positively drive change in the fashion industry and actively influence the consumer behavior of our society. The creative working process in the studio is openly communicated to the outside, accompanied by their personal storytelling. The customer is able to participate in the creative process and is encouraged to bring understanding, as well as appreciation. They now have their own spacious showroom in a basement studio in Berlin Mitte.


SF1OG defines itself in two specific product lines. The artisanal pieces of the "101-Line" enclose almost only upcycling products and are characterized by their experimental design. The second product line "multiplied line" offers the consumer ready to wear pieces, which are adapted for everyday use. 


"Investing in crafts is to invest in tangible creation; the boundary between creator and consumer can dissolve into shared reality" – Rosa Marga Dahl. 


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