SF1OG is a fashion label from Berlin. We create unique one-off pieces which can be worn by any gender for any occasion. The materials a we use are sustainable, which means they are either recycled or recyclable. What does that mean? We live in a world full of already existing clothes, most of them being "waste". Using waste to create something new is the best way to give a piece of clothing a reason to be made. Sometimes however, the material needed to make a piece is just not available in any second-hand resource. Then it is important to look out for the fabric you are buying. We try to only use fabrics wich are "pure", for example consisting of 100% Polyester, because this will make it possible to recycle the item after it's usage. This is important because in the world we live in it's normal to only wear clothes for a certain amount of time. Time is the next thing which has to be considered, we try to construct the pieces in a way that will make them last as long as you need them to, and to avoid more waste we will make sure to help you repair anything you buy from us.


And then, the best way to make something which will last you long and well is if you have something made exactyl to your taste and needs and body. If there is something you would like to have made as a custom, please send us an Email or a direct message, let's do it! 

Everything you can see and buy is handmade in Berlin. The designs are all made from scratch by Rosa Marga Dahl. The design process usually can be described within 3 states. First we come up with an inspiration, drawings, sketches and illustrations are made. Then it is time to decide on materials and sewing techniques, wich in the third step are being practiced. After all that we are coming up with a shooting concept and retail work.

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